Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thanks WBNS in Columbus

      As far back as the Bob Trumpy days at WLW in Cincinnati, I have been a brief listener of sports talk radio. I use the word, "brief'", because, when sports talk guys make comments that attack people, then I pop-in a Michael W. Smith CD.  Most of the time I am driving the Saturn and like to be updated on sports news. However, I know alot of Michael W's music.
      WBNS radio has suspended the co-host, Scott Torgerson, or as he goes by "the Torg," for a tweet that he made last weekend directed toward Desmond Howard of ESPN College Football Gameday. The tweet was that he wished Howard would "get fired or die," so he could watch Gameday again. The sad thing is that this is not the first time that is guilty of adolesent comments. Both he and his sidekick, the Common Man, constantly make fun of people on their show. Criticism, I can handle, but personal attacks, no. I mean, what qualifies them to do what they do. Needless to say, I listen to Michael W. alot , when I am in Central Ohio.
      When Jon Diebler was a freshman at Ohio State, they were brutal on him, but the last two years of his OSU career, they "slobbered" all over him. Being an Upper Sandusky guy, do not attack Jonny D. When Brady Hoke became the head football coach at Michigan, these two made fun of his apprearance and qualifications. Coach Hoke is an old friend of mine, and I am sure he still slept at night, regardless of their comments. But why make fun of his appearance?
      Most recently, a sports talk clown in Toledo has been calling for a coaching change at one of the high schools in Toledo. First of all, years ago I heard him on his show. At that time, I wondered if he knew "whether you blew up a football of stuffed it." But calling for a change of football coaches on the high school level on sports talk radio is "small time or bush."
      Of course, some of the "sports talk show" guys on both the regional and national level have played the game and can add much insight. Charles Barkley may be one of the best. Chris Spielman, the legend in Columbus, understands the game. I said this once about sports talk hosts. Many of them are like the kid in school who would "mouth-off" to the players or criticize the team or players, mostly if they were losing.  But you could not do anything to him, because he was the short, skinny mouthy kid who knew no one could touch him. Always remember Bills QB Jim Kelly's confronting Jim Rome.
      The sports' talk shows are not going to go away. Controversy brings listerners to the station, just as controversy brings readers to sports' websites. The "Torg" crossed the line and WBNS made the right move. At my age, I understand that. The "old school guy" works at becoming more modern day media guy, but for now, Michael W. Smith needs to keep recording new CD's.

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