Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ohio High School Powerlifting Championships

Just arrived home from the State Powerlifting Championships at Kenton High School. Head Football Coach Mike Mauk has hosted and directed the State Meet for years. Last week Divisions 4, 5, and 6 competed and toady Divisions 1, 2, and 3 competed.

Competition numbers have dropped some over the last few years, but the event gives athletes(both male and female) a chance to compete against other lifters. I like the meet, because it is another way for athletes, not just football players, a chance to get state-wide recognition. Moreover, the state meet can serve as a motivator during the season.

Lfters are divided by weight divisons. Each lifter gets three chances to acheive his/her highest lift. State records are kept in all three lifts. They do the squat first, next the bench press, and last the deadlift. The best lift in each event is added to get the final points total. Highest total wins. Six place medals are awarded in the girls division and twelve place medals in tthe boys division. Trophies are awarded to the top six boys teams and to the top three girls teams.

Watching the meet is just another way for me find and evaluate football players. Yes, every year I meet some new prospects. Mount Vernon High School has a nice looking 6'4-235 tight end whom I like. Blew out his knee last year and missed the season. Last week, Genoa running back, Kyle Nutter(2013) was impressive. Needs to improve speed, but is strong. There were a few more, but these two jumped out.

A highlight for me was watching Holly Mangold, from Kettering Alter back in 2007. She benched 225 and squatted 530. Her total that year was 1,140 points. Recently, she made the Olympic team as a power lifter. Years ago I watched former O-State running back Maurice Clarett win as a freshman in high school. He was powerful and quick.

For me, the State Powerlifting Championships are another way to evaluate football players. For the athlete, it is a way to compete, to get stronger, and to get recognition. Most of all, another sport for young people to participate.

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