Monday, March 5, 2012

Kahleed Who?

As many know, I really enjoy watching football players play basketball. Not because I feel that playing basketball is important for a football player, or not because I really enjoy basketball, but because you can learn so much about a football guy on the basketball court. Last Saturday night I learned alot about Kahleed Franklin.

Who is Kahleed Franklin? He is a member of the Class of 2013 and plays linebacker at Columbus Beechcroft High School. Listed at 6'1-205. Actually he may be a little taller and a little heavier now. On video, I liked his movement. Liked his size. Most of all, liked his ability to make plays on both sides of the ball. My concern is his speed and his burst. On video, it just has to be better. Athletic, but needs to run better.

Last Saturday night, I watched him on the basketball court show excellent leadership and actually takeover the game. Very important quality for me. Taking over a game. He ran the court well. Played hard all of the time. Shot the ball well at times. Made two clutch free throws late in the game. Beechcroft beat a more talented team, because of their hustle, quickness, and aggressiveness. Kahleed lead the way.

Talked with him for few minutes after the game. Class act. Carrying a 3.2+ GPA. Liked his style.

Looking forward to watching him play football this fall. Like his toughness and athleticism. Want to see his closing speed improve. Want to see him turn his hips. Want to see him change direction.

Hope that he comes to my football combine at Lewis Center, but really hope that he is still playing hoops in a regional tournament basketball game.

You probably will not see Kahleeb Franklin's name on many list. Who knows, maybe he should not be right now. I will say, if he can improve his top speed and plays football with the same intensity as basketball, he is a scholarship football player. Looking forward to making the trip to a city league football game in Columbus this fall.

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