Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Excellent Character at Monroe Combine

Before, I put the Monroe Combine on the back burner and work towards the next one at Lewis Center this Sunday, I really want to commend the behavior and character of the young men at the combine last Sunday. Having been a head football coach for years, I realize one has to have control or structure in the classroom and on the field in order to make it work. But, no matter how much control one has, if the "kids" do not cooperate, you have a mess.

The players were tremendous. Realize that there were 236 prospects and most had never been to a football combine before. Many had never run the drills before. Six groups of roughly 39 to a group in an indoor soccer facility got it done. They followed directions. They listened. Most of all, they competed very hard. Having done a few of these combines, I must say, for what it means, I was impressed.

One thing that still amazes me are the adults who think that they have a sense of entitlement. Because of insurance coverage, only the players and the instructors are covered. The rate would surprise people. I started to ask one adult if he get to the outside, and his first comment was "Are you going to run me out?" Before I could say, "yes," the situation was explained to me. I had to ask another parent to move to the outside of the area. If I say nothing, then more people would start drifting onto the already crowded field. Where ever I go, I always check to be sure where I can stand or walk.

One last parent story. Last year at Lewis Center, a parent told that she had had her son to the doctor the week before and that we measured him two inches shorter than at the doctors. I had to tell her that I had not cut two inches off the tape measure. One other parent commented that the recruiters will not even stop at the school to look at players if their heights at listed correctly. That is not even funny! Of course, we do measure the prospects with no shoes.

Again, Southwest Ohio football was well represented with really good kids.

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