Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Whitmer Football and Basketball Guys

Last week had or made the chance to watch Toledo Whitmer football players do their thing on the basketball court. And do their thing is just what they did. Most of you can guess, as long as it is of benefit in his growth as a football prospect, playing as many sports as possible is wonderful. In this day of specialization, high school coaches in any sport do not always agree with me. So what!

The Hayes boys from Whitmer are special guys. Excellent athletic skills with tremendous bodies. Oh my!! Junior Kenny, already with a verbal to Ohio State, plays hoops much the same way as he plays defensive end. Full speed and aggressive and uses his 6'5 - 230 frame to make room under the iron.(too much play by play on the tube). Brother Niguel a 6'4 freshman is equally impressive, considering his age and experience. Smooth and fluid, much the same as a receiver/qb on the football field. With all of his b-ball ability, playing football next fall may be a "tough sell."

Although Chris Wombley played just okay in the game I saw last fall, he really came on later in the season. At 6'4-215, he played the other bookend. As a sophomore I might add. He, too, looked smooth last week. Chris is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. The nice problem for Head Coach Joe Palka will be to get him in the right position, for he can play many. Of course, these men are really "freaks," when it comes to the combination of athletic talent and size.

I met Ken and Niguel's parents last summer. Maybe the best news of all, is that they are really nice people. In this case, maybe the "apple does not fall far from the tree."

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