Saturday, December 12, 2009

College Nights

Just finished attending four college recruiting nights this past week. Oh my, alot of traveling - Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, and Canton. Of course, well worth it. You see, at college nights, the high school coaches in that area get together at a central location and provide information to college recruiters throughout the country. Usually, just seniors are profiled, but some coaches provide information for underclassmen. A ton of video is also given out. Great gig for me.

The negative for the college recruiting nights is that the powerful NCAA has said that Division 1A schools cannot attend these information gathering meetings.
1. Bad for the high school coaches, because they still have to provide the information, so why not be able to promote their prospects to D-1A schools.
2. Bad for me, because I miss communicating D-1A schools.
3. Good for everybody, because the meetings go faster.
4. Good for D-1A schols, because one less function to have to be in attendance.
5. Good for D-3 schools because they get to spend more time gathering information.
6. Really, honestly, I still get my information, and I still touch base with the high school coaches

There will be one held in the spring and I would highly suggest coaches take advantage of the opportunity to promote "kids."

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