Saturday, December 12, 2009

Football Combines in December

From the way I slant my blogs, most readers must get the sense that I am "old school," or better yet the "old guard," as "money guy" once referred to me. But, I would rather think that I just use common sense. Anyway, here is my take on combines in December.

First, a football combine in Texas does not nothing to help you be a recruitable football player. If you are good, O-State, Michigan, Florida, and everybody is going to know a little about you. The bigs, and really , even the mid majors, are going to see you this spring and summer. Most of the schools highly suggest that they will not offer you, unless you attend camp. With some schools, I buy into that.

Secondly, at this time of the year, most athletes are not in competitive shape. What happens if your times are bad? What happens if you pull or tear a muscle or ligament? Is it worth it?

Third is the cost. Most everyone has to pay the expenses. Probably looking at 1200-1500 dollars. Of course, that is "chunk change" to some, but for me that is a little bit of money. I could but two more Visio flat screens with that money. For the most part, was it cost effective?

Now, the "carrot" is that if you go to the combine as an underclassmen, quite possibly you could get an offer to play in the All-American game in Texas next year. Not a definite, but a possibility. You better have a banner fall, and put up impressive performances.

A situation told to me by a high school coach last week is what really "pulled my chain." An Ohio 2011 prospect whose name will not be mentioned is going to the combine in Texas this month. A solid player as a DB this past fall. Good size and runs pretty well. My worry is that last fall, when he is on the field, he did not"play every down. Anyway, that is not the point of this example.

This young man is not playing varsity basketball until after Christmas. Right now he has a personal trainer, and he is working out in order to put up good times at the combine in Texas. Not only is he letting his team down, but he is missing valuable practice time on the basketball court, time that would improve his game. Ironically, without getting into my thoughts, being in shape and putting up fast times, may not be his problem in regards to being highly recruited this spring and summer.

Little can be done, I am afraid. When basketball AAU started, everybody(including HS coaches) thought that AAU was the greatest thing since "slice bread." Not so now. My fear is that high school football is going to let this happen. The sad thing is that there is little one can do to prevent it.

Be a kid!!! Do not leave school early to participate in spring practice. Do not quit a sport to concentrate on strength training. Do not get caught up in the recruiting crap on the websites. Be leary of people trying to "get into your head," about what camps and schools that you should attend. Be a kid!!!!!

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