Saturday, December 5, 2009

Football Players in Other Sports

One of the tasks that I really enjoy is evaluating college football prospects playing other sports. Basketball is one my favorite sports to watch. First, the weather is really nice inside. Always warm inside the gym. Secondly, you get really close to the action. Lastly, you can watch a players every move. Really watch their bench attitude.

Last night, I went to the local Upper Sandusky game. The Rams were playing Wynford and the main guys just finished football last week. Wanted to see one of my favorites, Teven Eatmon. If he can handle the social issues and disciplines of college life, he has a chance to be a really good player at Kentucky. If Teven had played at Glenville for four years, everybody would have recruited hime. A very good athlete (55ft shot put/160ft discus)Comes from a very confused home life, but thanks to teammate, Tyler Brause( also going to Kentucky), Teven has survived. Both guys will need to learn to "bite someone," but should be okay.

Going to watch Kenton QB, Maty Mauk play at Marion Harding tonight. His dad and I are good friends, so I have been able to watch Maty grow-up. Only a sophomore, but, of course, everyone wants to compare him to brother Ben. Totally different athletes. No controversy here, but Maty is a very good athlete. Ben was a very good QB.

Back to the Upper Sandusky game. Sometimes the "apple does fall far from the tree." Although I have only talked to Jon Diebler five times, he is a favorite of mine. Starting his third year at O-State, he represents what character is all about. He has worked hard on the basketball court. He represents "the small town guy," which should encourage every youngster to work hard and to set his goals high. One never knows. I have known his dad, since my days at Lakota HS and his at Gibsonburg HS. Still the same showboat that he always has been. Complaining to officials, ripping his players' every little mistake, and entertaining the crowd are just some of his antics. Of course, the officials let him get away with walking all over the court. Yes, thank goodness the " apple does fall far the tree," sometimes.

Wrestling is on my schedule, but only the big tournaments. Track and baseball in the spring. Weight rooms are a part of my evaluations. Seeing football players doing other sports is both enjoyable and educational for me.

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