Thursday, July 17, 2014

Joey Galloway - Sharing his Knowledge

       Two months ago, I received a call from Joey Galloway inviting me to a football speed camp that he was going to hold near Bellaire, Ohio. his would be his first effort and he invited me. Last week I made the trip.
       Joey had texted me after the first day, that the attendance was not what he had expected, and he was not sure that the trip would benefit me. First, I made the commitment earlier and would fulfill it. Second, I do not get to the Bellaire area often and thought that I might find a "diamond-in-the-rough." Lastly, I wanted to see the "highly profiled" Joey Galloway work with kids and see what kind of teacher he was going to be.
      Hopefully, most Ohio State people are familiar with Joey Galloway, the All-American receiver back in 1994 from Ohio State University. Joey went on to the NFL, playing for Dallas and Seattle and then bouncing around for a few years.
       Now a retired NFL player, I believe he is doing some football broadcasting. A little nugget - As a high school senior at Bellaire High School, Joey's picture was on the cover of one of my first recruiting magazines.
       Rumors are Joey is serious about wanting to work with young athletes on "speed training." I wanted to see him in action, so if I am ever asked about his communication skills, I can give a truthful answer. Knowledge, I guessed - no problem. Ability to communicate his knowledge to campers - different story.
       Joey Galloway can get his ideas through to players. Some "high-profiled" players cannot and I see them all of the time. He talked on the 40 start, among other subjects.  Demonstrated every drill. A hands-on guy. He encouraged every player to work hard and hustle. Called them by name or gave them a nickname.. Excellent communicator. Most of all, he seemed to enjoy what he was doing. Definitely not a "token star" just making an appearance.
       Talked with him some after the 3-day camp was over. Now living in Columbus, his hopes are to get some "speed camps" going in Central Ohio. If he shows the same attitude and communicates his knowledge to players as did at this camp, he will have few problems. His name sounds sweet to the older Buckeye fan.
       The drive to the Bellaire area was long, but easy. Watching a "high profiled" star working with kids was worth it. Really glad and fortunate to be invited to be personally invited to Joey's first ever "speed camp." Really, really happy that I did not have to watch some "self-anointed" super star parade around, acting like he was giving kids a break to be there. They are out there.
       If you read about speed camps in Central Ohio next winter and you see Joey Galloway's name, check it out. It may not be for what you are looking, but you should at least check it.

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