Sunday, July 27, 2014

A New MSROHIO Website Soon

        Ever since, I had my first website created, I have asked the webmaster to do much of the work. I  had little knowledge and cared little, because I was too busy. Over the last two months, a website guy in neighboring Kenton has been working on a website user friendly for me. I have changed my agenda.
        By the beginning of the week (hopefully, Monday), there will be a new msrohio website. Really contains everything that I want in a website about Ohio football recruiting. Information is readily available. I will be able to do my own posting, but will still have help from a good friend when needed. First, I need to thank my daughter for so much work on the former website.
        The blog that many people claim to read is on the front page. I mean right there. Former blogs will be easy to read. The McCallister Blog has become an important part of my website.
        As you will see, many of the same features will still be available. "Around the State," will concentrate on the actual season, but will also have stories out of season. Both the camps and combines have their own section. Players will still be able to send information.
        This site will also work with HUDL and post a players highlight video. This will not be open until the late fall. I did not see the need to put last year's player highlights up on the new site. Colleges will use this sight, so last year's highlights are old news. A player's highlights will be available to the public for viewing all year round.
          Many parents send emails thanking me for helping them in the recruiting process. High coaches have done the same. Some parents have asked that I post what they say. As you can guess, I am not into that. If a person ask that I post his email, I will. But it is not something that I will solicit.
           A couple of notes:
                   1. is not an Ohio State site. I have had readers suggest that I do more with OSU recruiting. I do blogs on OSU recruits and the OSU recruiting sites post them. Then they beat me up on message boards. What's up with that?
                   2. My writing style is not going to change. There is such a thing as using a fragment in a correct way. I omit words. I need to use smaller paragraphs. Readers should be looking for information and insight, not proofreading.
                   3. I am a "kids-guy" to a fault. Never be a afraid to contact me with a question about the football recruiting process. Now if the question is about rating Ohio State's recruiting class, check with the experts. I was told that a guy on an OSU message board said that McCallister can "rate the Bluffton-BGSU recruit level kid, but evaluating BCS level kids was over his head." OH WELL.
          Over the last few years, I have experimented with other areas of football recruiting. Camps, combines, and speaking on recruiting are some of the other areas. The new informative website is really exciting for me.
                  The McCallister Scouting Report continues to grow in new areas, but as I get older, I realize that I cannot do this forever. For now, we are "good." Some of the credit goes to a person who a few years ago wrote, " the old school guys are being replaced by the young, modern tech young guys." Remember - "Trouble with the Curve."

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