Thursday, November 14, 2013

November - Busy Month for Ohio HS Football

Getting back to blog time.
       November is really a busy month for high school football in Ohio. Coaches putting the finishing touches on their seasons. Coaches working on preparation for the playoffs. Guys like me, trying to get all of the names and contact information for the college coaches. Prospects trying to get their highlight video finished. College coaches on the road recruiting. A lot going on.
   For me.
      Actually am all caught up on my evaluations during the regular season. Evaluations go out to the colleges every Monday. These evaluations are only on the players in the games that I have seen the previous weekend. Four more Monday evaluations. Through the playoffs, I try to see players that I have not seen during the regular season. For example, this Friday I will see the Mansfield Senior-New Albany game. On Saturday, I plan to see Austintown Fitch. All three teams have college prospects.
      My working lists for the prospects in the Classes of 2015, 2016, and 2017 are updated. After going through my notes and going through the list that high school coaches have sent me this fall, I am in good shape. Just over 500 in the Class of 2015. Another 250+ in the Class of 2016. As of now, I have 89 in the Class of 2017, including 6 no-brainers. Of course this will continue to get bigger.
      The high school coaches are staring to contact me about their prospects. I would rather deal with the high school coach sending me information, rather than the player. Players can send me information through my website, but I still double check with the his football coach. Too many recruiting sites rely on the prospect for information. Since my credibility with the high school coaches is really strong, getting his information is better and more accurate.
       Also starting to get more HUDL highlight videos from players who ask that I evaluate their highlight video. High school coaches do the same thing. Basically they just want my thoughts on a prospects potential. I try get back to them as soon as possible. One thing that I do not do is debate with a coach or a parent over the prospect's ability or potential. That happens sometimes, but only once.
       If  player has concerns about his highlight video, he is always welcomed to contact me. This happens with players, as well as with coaches or parents. No problem, but I know what the college coaches want to see. Recently, I received a Hudl video from a 2014 prospect who plays FB. Many of he plays were his running the ball and very few blocking. More plays blocking and fewer running. College coaches want to see a FB blocking.
       Combines. The dates are set for two combines in Columbus at the D-1 Training Center. We are doing scheduling a little different this March. That information will be released next week. Possibility that two additional combines may be scheduled, but nothing definite.
       As many recruits are finding out, college coaches throw out offers during the spring and summer months, but get more selective during the fall. For those who have no offers, be patient. You cannot control what college coaches do, but you can control how hard you work. If a prospect has been overlooked or put on the "we like you, but," list, be patient. Sometimes when schools lose a prospect, they may come back to the overlooked prospect.
       Being one of the two BCS schools in Ohio and a storied program, Ohio State University coaches believe that almost every young football player in Ohio grows up wanting to be a Buckeye. With that thinking, they believe if they lose a national recruit, they can always come back to an Ohio guy, because he has always wanted to be a Buckeye. Parents included. Be patient.
       November is a busy high school football time in Ohio.

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