Monday, November 4, 2013

Kraig Howe - Kettering Alter - One of the top DT in 2015

      People often are  guilty of thinking that if a high school player is short and heavy that he can always play on the DL. Plug the inside, force a double team, or protect the linebackers. Hopefully, most coaches realize playing defensive line against the spread teams requires much more. Maybe in years past, the DL guy was just a plugger, but not in 2013.
      Defensive tackle Kraig Howe from Kettering Alter is one of the top DT's in the Ohio Class of 2015. Watched him last Saturday night, and he is a run-stopper, as well as pass rusher. Excellent explosion off the LOS. Needs to continue to use his hands better to disengage a blocker, but he will improve that. Credited with a third down QB sack. Excellent closing speed to get to the ball. Like the way he changes direction, after he gets depth. Uses his power angles well. At 6'3-255, he has really good balance and can change direction. When a D-lineman is pass rushing, he needs to always work on playing with discipline and changing direction to sack the QB.
      Watched him play basketball last winter at the OHSAA State Championship final four. Ran the court well for a big sophomore. Also attacked the basket on both ends of the court. Best of all he realized his role and played hard. Moved his feet well inside the paint.. Liked his physicality, but he will have to continue to get stronger and quicker.
      Kraig has proven to me that he will play with a little pain (or more) and play hard at the same time. Last year, he was cleared to play in the state basketball tournament, even though he was playing with a broken nose. Last Saturday he was playing with a cracked bone in his foot. He discovered that he had a fractured bone in his foot back in July. Rested his foot over the summer. But reinjured it recently. Even though he was not 100 percent, he moved pretty well.
      Liked his sophomore highlight video last year. His quickness and pass rushing ability were evident. I always like to watch a full game video to see if players take plays off. Watching Kraig, he does not take plays off. He is physical and finishes plays.
      Corners and defensive linemen are hard to find on the high school level. Defensive lineman are harder to evaluate. You just do not always get the best competition. With his 6'3-255 body and the ability to both punch and  move his feet, Kraig Howe should one of the dominating defensive tackles in the Ohio Class of 2015.     

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