Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Visited Penn State on My Vacation

       On the way to New Hampshire and Maine, we stopped at  State College and made a brief stop at Penn State University. Having never been to Happy Valley, the visit was very rewarding and very informative.
      The stadium speaks for itself. Really was surprised how modern it is. For some reason, I thought is was going to be older looking. Really liked the real college atmosphere and the JoePa influence..
     Although the football facility is thirteen years old, it is really modern and all of the support staff is in that building. Tremendous weight room. Huge. All of the coaches' offices overlook the practice the practice fields. The offices are spacious, but the position rooms are separate. These rooms are just around the corner from the team locker room.
      The academic support staff's offices are under the same roof. Everyone from the academic counselors to the tutors have indivdual offices in this building. Study table. Computer tables. Research rooms. Everything is in this building.
      Like most major programs, much has been done to honor past award winners. Every NFL team is represented on a wall with Penn State players who have played for them. Also every player who earned a letter his senior year is listed on one wall.
      The indoor facility has two 80 yard football fields side by side. The offensive team practices on one and the defensive team practices on the other.
     Of course, I have been to other football facilites throughout the co untry. Most are very high quality facilities. Penn State surprised me with their football building. Thought it was important enough to recognize it. Also appreciated a coach taking the time to show us the facility.
        Every year I tell players and parents to visit as many college football facilities as they can. Visit especially the ones who are actively recruiting the player. This is really important and could make an impact on a decision.

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