Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July - Nothing to Do??

       As I read the Columbus Dispatch this morning, I searched and searched the Sports page for some Ohio high school sports news, but as the case in the last week or so, nothing. I mean "zilch." Of course, Steve Blackledge is getting ready for the high school football season. Am sure that he is on vacation in Florida.
      Am beginning to realize how bored hockey and soccer fans must be during football season. I have read more about the Blue Jackets and the Crew the last few weeks, and I have no clue what each is all about. Those fans must feel the same way as I do during football season.
      Actually received an email from a parent last week, asking if I knew of any other football camps to go in July. He mentioned some private camp down south. Also mention a camp at Akron University. Of course, he mentioned the Friday Night Lights camp at Ohio State at the end of July. On private camps-why? If you have made the college camp circuit during June, why go now? The Akron camp at the end of July? Maybe good, but I watched an Akron satellite camp this past June, and they spent 2and1/2 hours warming up and testing. The O-State Friday Night Lights is good, but it is probably geared to schools in the South. Most of the Ohio high schools are getting into their own camps, but schools in the South do not start that early. Ohio State is Ohio State, however.
      The entire month of July is a quiet period. At this time, schools may contact recruits via phone or mail, or visit with them on the school's campus. However, in-person contact taking place outside of the school's campus is prohibited. Considered a "quiet period," but college coaches or support staff can make NO PHONE CALLS until September 1st.
     If you are into Football University, The Top Gun, or National Underclassmen Combines, I think that their final events are taking place now. More money, more marketing, but no decision makers (college coaches) are in attendance. A chance to spend your money. For example, back in June - Football University charged campers $600 for three days of instruction. No decision makers present.
      Heading to University of Dayton on Friday. UD runs a really nice 7on7 tournament. Although my scouting service is not good enough for UD, they let me watch and evaluate players. Good players - good coaching is evident at this tournament. 7on7 tournaments are huge these weeks before actual practice starts. Good for me, but watching players wearing pads is still the best.
      Encourage your school athletics department to purchase the HUDL video service. They have really grown  in, not only Ohio, but throughout the country. Not really endorsing them, but they allow the athlete to make his/her own highlight video. Very basic. If you are looking for music, all kinds of arrows, or all types of banners, HUDL does not do that. But the colleges use HUDL. Good deal. Almost instant availability. Also start working on your profile sheet during some free time.
     Football players and parents. Take that last vacation. Spend time together. No more camps-no more stress to impress. August 5 (actual practice for most high schools) will be here before you know it. If you are lucky, December 4, makes for a long season. Focus on your team. Put all of the recruiting noise aside. Use caller ID for the recruiting reporters on recruiting websites. Talk to them once in a while, but you choose when, not them. Stay focused on your school's media day. Most of all with both print and internet reporters, do not believe everything that you read about yourself, both negative and positive.
      Focus on your team. Bo Schembechler, former head coach at Michigan used to say "Team- everything is about team, team, team." A lot of outsider and media "noise" ahead, but remember, Bo's quote. Honesty, things will go smoother for everybody.

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