Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Schedule for the Crosstown Showdown and More

       Back into the football mode starting today. A little vacation to the New England coast and now back to work on promoting the great sport of Ohio high school football.
       I have been working of my Ohio 2015 Class of prospects. Actually for the major college programs that I deal with, they would like a list of my top twenty five. Crazy, much too early to even think about that. But I did one. Now, I am working to be sure that I can see many players on my list. The list is over 350, including phone numbers.
       I hope that the Ohio high school football coaches do not mess up and have paid attention to the rules in regards to practice dates and coaching players. The rule states that coaches can coach their players for ten days during the months of June and July. Players can work out and lift weights, but no coaching per se, except for the ten days. Many coaches use some of those ten days right before the actual football practice starts. This year practice starts for most schools - August 5.
       Problem arising - Today is Wednesday, July 31. Actual football practice for most schools throughout the state begins Monday, August 5. Can coaches coach Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? NO. Ten days in June and July. Tomorrow is August 1. If coaches are actually coaching then,  = major rules violation. Of course, I realize that many coaches will break this rule, but at least parents are aware of the rule.
       I have finalized my games to watch at the Cincinnati Crosstown Showdown. Plan to see bits and pieces of the games.
LaSalle vs Oak Hills                                   Northmont vs Thurgood Marshall
McNicholas vs Northwest                          Centerville vs Pickerington Central
Anderson vs Mt Healthy                            Lakota West vs Winton Woods
Springfield vs Trotwood Madison             Blanchester vs Clinton Massie
Carlisle vs Franklin

      Will not see Moeller or St Xavier because both are playing out of state schools. Because UC is hosting Purdue on that Saturday, plans had to be changed.

      Finally, I read where the Seahawks signed Jameson Konz TE/LB. Whose is Jameson Konz and where did he play high school and college football? To me he represents what hard work and drive can do for anyone. Being in the right place and having a coach see something in you is also very important. Check him out.


Central Tigers! said...

Mac, Glad to see you are coming to the Pick Central vs Centerville Game. Central kids to watch for... WR's Marshall #7 (was 8) Meyer #3-injured, Stefanitsis #82, TE Kingera #32, LB Richmond #2,QB Simkins #5, RB/DB Gordon #25, LB Glasco #44, OL/DL Dudziak #58, Hamilton #53, Craft #56. Also, Cristian Whitner moved back from Ga... not sure of status yet but he's a 4.3 kid...explosive! See you there!

John McCallister said...

I may have to bring a five man staff? Thanks for your help. Always appreciate any tidbit of information.

David Balsinger said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Centerville. Zach will be on the sideline for the first week of the season due to a severe hyper extension of his elbow during "non contact" drills in July. Hope to have him back in the lineup by week 3.