Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ohio North - South All-Star Classic

Before heading to Syracuse to see my father-in-law tomorrow morning, I wanted to encourage high school football fans to attend the Ohio North South All Star Classic at Ohio Stadium this coming Friday, April 20, beginning at 4:00.

Two or three years ago, with the help of Jim Tressel, the OHSFCA moved the game to Ohio Stadium, in hopes of improving attendance. Lights were used, but they were just too expensive. Now the game begins at 4:00 with no lights, which still gives the game plenty of daylight. I worry that Ohio Stadium may not be the answer.

College bound football players are leaving early for summer school. Some college coaching staffs are insisting that their players not participate. Yes, they do, but they deny it. The "Big 33" game is also in June. Some parents are concerned about their son getting injured. The cost of admission continues to increase. All of these facts continue to hurt the game.

All-Star games are fun. Players get recognition. Fans get to be inside the Ohio Stadium. But as hard as the OHSFCA works at keeping the Game going, I worry about the declining attendance. Poorer the attendance, the poorer the financial situation.

If you are a serious high school football fan and have a suggestion, please email me with your suggestion. I attend every OHSFCA Regional Directors Meeting and am allowed to contribute, but obviously, not vote. Please, this is not a "message board," so do not be cute or sarcastic. Be constructive in your suggestions.

Hope that you can make the game and support our high school football players. If you see an old guy with a wide-brim hat and , wearing khaki pants, say "hi" to him. I would love to chat with you.


LB3 said...

Maybe have a all star Jr high game before hand. I believe that is the turning point before kids are still humble as well as the parents. Jr high in our ditrict and surrounding districts take the biggest hit in participation. Youth football has a chance to play all star ball as well. JMO...

LB3 said...
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