Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Off to OSU Football Clinic and North South Allstar Classic

Just a note. Get emails and comments that some readers actually read my blog. With that being said, I am taking a few days away from the site, but will back on next week.

First, I attend all of the Ohio High School Football Coaches Regional Directors Meetings. Of course, I do not vote on anything, but I get to listen and, on occasion, get to give my "two cents." You do know that " my name and $1.75 will get you a free McD's large coffee almost anywhere." We have a meeting on Thursday.

The OSU Football Clinic starts Thursday night. I enjoy listening to speakers at times. Other times, I "work the room," talking to high school coaches about their prospects. Much the same on Friday. Ohio State practices on Friday afternoon. Always get to watch the players close-up and renew friendships with the high school coaches.

The North South All-Star Classic is Friday late afternoon and evening at the Shoe. I worry about the Classic. Lack of attendance and participation is a concern.

Saturday is the Scrimmage. Have not been to one in a few years, because there are always track invitationals to attend to see some football players participate and compete.

Catch back up next week.

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