Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meet Charles Gresham

With the success of what I do, I meet alot of people who want to be a part of MSR football scouting service. MSR does not have the financial backing, as many of the very high profiled recruiting services do, nor do I want that backing. MSR is just a small "mom and pops" scouting service trying to help people. However, I do get people wanting to help my service grow. Being a former average head football coach, I am a micro-manager and sometimes not easy to work with. One young man, I have started trusting and enjoying his input is Columbus native, Charles Gresham.

First saw Charles back in 2003 at a 7o7 passing tournament at Walnut Ridge High School. He was playing linebacker for Columbus Eastmoor. Too short for most standards, but he was intense and worked hard. He went on to Wittenberg and finished at Youngstown State. Charles really got into strength and conditioning and credits Central Ohio coach, Mike Flusche with motivating him to go in that direction. For two years, Charles worked with the football program at Ohio State University.

Ran into Charles last spring at an underclassman combine at Licking Heights High School. The highly over-rated national combine was such a joke that I will not credit it. Anyway, Charles was not involved with the combine, but had brought some young athletes from Columbus to get tested. After chatting with him, I asked him to work my Underclassman Showcase that June at Dublin Scioto High School.

Charles was tremendous at the Showcase. Well organized and well prepared. In fact, he brought his own footballs and cones. But for me, his strength was communicating his ideas to the campers. Plain and simple, he was a teacher/coach, not a presenter. No non-sense, no "tough-guy," and no "clock watcher." His work and effort really impressed me that day.

"Chuck" now runs the "warm-up" part of my combines, as well as, "coaches-up" the 40 yard test. Being a subborn old football coach, I am not going to follow all of his advice, but I ask him alot about strength testing and testing drills. Being from the inner-city, he also gives me insight about young kids. When you are 63, you want to hear that advice. He, in turn, listens to some of my ideas. I will add one thing. As the saying goes, at times "the dude can be intense."

Charles works for D-1 Training, north of Columbus. He trains all levels of athletes, including some who are either in the NFL, or trying to make it to that level. He also works with high school athletes. Every Sunday night a group of 20 or more, spend two hours getting additional skills training and conditioning. Two weeks ago, I stopped by to watch. If you are looking for a "playtime or social event," do not show-up. The workout session makes me tired just thinking about it.

Most people I come into contact with in the whole football recruiting business have a hidden agenda and usually want to make too much money from parents. Very seldom do I endorse recruiting services or people for that reason. His work and training is not free, but is reasonable. Charles Gresham's "hidden agenda" is to help "kids develop character and athletic skills." I hope that never changes.

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Reuben Green III said...

This is a great article about a wonderful person. One thing I would like to harp on is his love for mentoring and helping young athletes, and his love for people. He is truly a wonderful leader who leads from the heart. I am grateful that I can call Chuck a friend, and a brother. Best of luck to him and his endeavors!

-Reuben Green III