Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pickerington Central Steps Up

Over the past two weekends, I have watched Pickerington Central play in two events. First, the Crosstown Showdown in Cincinnati and second,the Herbtreit Classic in Columbus. Head Football Coach Jay Sharrett and his staff deserve much credit for taking on two of the top Divison 1 programs in Ohio, which also happen to be private schools.

The first week Moeller wore down Pick Central. The first half was strong, but the heat and depth of Moeller took its toll. Personally, Pick Central went into that game with the attitude that they had to prove that they belonged. Big stage and big opponent. I was concerned about their mind-set.

Sunday, Pick Central played another perennial power in St Xavier. Close game, but St Xavier made some mistakes, but also had some big plays in the fourth and Pick Central played tough, but broke down at the end. In this game, Pick Central came to play. In fact Pick Central lead 21-17 at the end of the third quarter. Frustrated somewhat, but they played hard and no "out to prove something." No false swagger, just played hard.

I am not trying to analyze the games. In both games, Pick Central's offensive and defensive lines wore down. Moeller and St X both have very big and strong line play. Big plays and depth were huge for both teams.

My point of this blog is to applaude Jay Sharrett for accepting the challenge of playing top level competition on a "big stage." Central Ohio football has some very good football programs and, of course, some excellent coaches. At times, they do not get the credit that they deserve throughout the state.

This is all rumor, but I have been told by head coaches in other parts of the state that some big school programs in Central Ohio not will schedule them. No need to point fingers, but those rumors surprise me somewhat. Hats off to Pickerington Central. Coach Sharrett has shown his desire to play top level competition from any part of Ohio, even the big private schools. Congrats.

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