Friday, September 2, 2011

The Columbus Dispatch - Ken Gordon

I read the Columbus Dispatch almost every day. There is just something good about opening a newspaper over coffee at 6AM in the morning. Also get a chance to read the Plain Dealer and the Toledo Blade at times. But the Dispatch is always right there.

Hats off to sports writer, Ken Gordon. He wrote a very interesting article about football officials sharping their skills working O-State practices. I see them at practices and appreciate the work that they do. Back in Coach Hayes time, officials really added some enjoyment at his practices. The article also mentioned the "weight factor."The "fat belly" is disgusting on an official. Saw one last year who could not bend over to spot the ball. He did it with his foot. I do feel some empathy for the old guys trying to keep up with the speed of the game. The other article Gordon did was on a cheerleader from Central Crossing. She has Down syndrome and her mother always has been concerned about "acceptance." Really positive article about her experiences with cheerleading and about how she has been accepted by fans and coaches. Both she and her work effort have been accepted big time.

For me, these articles are much more refreshing than reading about the opinions of Tim May and Bill Rabinowitz on Ohio State football. Probably not a fair comment, because I do not read their opinions on OSU football.

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