Friday, September 2, 2011

Massillon - Glen Oak Game

The Massillon-GlenOak game last night not only featured some future college players, but some really good high school football. Having at least 15,000 in attendance added to the atmosphere. My job is watching players and not necessarily getting caught up into the game itself.

Ohio State recruit, Bri'onte Dunn actually surprised me in the fourth quarter. Up until this game, I had never seen him close out a game. In the fourth quarter, he rushed for 134 yards and two TD's. Hopefully, this game can be a turning point for him. Strong and durable. Solid speed. When he decides to turn it up, he is a very solid running back. The problem, when I watch him, is turning the dial. Last night he did, and I hope that means really good things for him and the GlenOak football program.

I have always thought that WR/LB DaShawn Hall from GlenOak should be the top rated recruit in the Class of 212 in Stark County. Academics are the major stumbling block for him. Listed at 6'0-210, he runs well and changes direction well. But his strongest asset is that he is a powerful tackler. He does not get all the pub that some get, but he is a beast.

Finally, found out the word on Reid Worstell. He did not play last night, but should be good to go soon. Reid is the quarterback who transferred from Canton McKinley. At the O-State summer camp, he was sick and did not perform well. Looked better at a 7on7 tournament last summer. After a really sore throat, doctors realized he had mono. Hopefully, I will see him later in the year.

Also had a chance to visit with old friend Jack Rose. We go way back to his head coaching days at Massillon. Tremendous person, as well as an excellent football coach. His youngest son, Andrew, is a senior and plays OLB for GlenOak. Listed at 5'10-210, he (pound for pound) is a very good high school football player.

Enjoyable game. Funny, but even with seven officials, the "stripes" are still human and make mistakes. Last night, an "inadvertent whistle" cost Massillon a chance to get the ball at midfield with a 1:33 to go in the game.

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