Thursday, April 15, 2010

Highlight DVD's

Yesterday, I received a DVD in the mail which reinforced what I have said about highlight DVD's for sometime. Trust me, I am not against highlight DVD's whatsoever. I edit 25 plays off of every DVD I receive. Although I watch and edit complete game video, naturally editing 25 plays off of a highlight video takes far less time. But here is my point.

Jim McQuaide, the highly repected coach at Solon High School, sent me a highlight video on his sophomore wide receiver, Tres Barksdale. A very basic white DVD with Tres's name and school and the year 2009. Also had his number, position, and the words "soph highlights." This was all handwritten in black magic marker. At the beginning of the video was a Solon helmet, his name and measurements, and word "play." The video came in a black plastic box with nothing on it. Just a simple black box.

I am thankful for any video that I get, and I do get alot of them. Last January I received one from a very prominent Division 1 program in Ohio. The prospect is a major recruit, hands down. Here is the deal. He had an action, full page picture on the cover. On the front was also all of his measurements, plus school information. On the back of the cover were three more smaller action pictures. Also on the back was all of his contact information. On the DVD was again all of his contact information, a picture, and his meaasurements. The DVD begins by again, repeating all of the information,. Once the plays begin, each one is marked. Sometimes plays are repeated. His resume' was very detailed. Also inclosed was a letter of reccomendation. And a his own BUSINESS CARD.

Many companies are doing a wonderful job of providing DVD's and other ways of marketing players. The work they do with videos is amazing. Due to the lack of funding, far better than I will ever do. I applaude them.

Here is what most college programs do. Once they get a DVD, they give it one of the student assistants and he downloads it into their program. The box is thrown away. Now the DVD is part of their system. If you are not a high profile recruit, and you are self-promoting yourself, there is a chance that no assistant coach will see your DVD.

Unless, you want to make a video for a "scrapbook or to share with friends or to be on the internet," save your money and time. Having an impressive video for a "keepsake" is tremendous! But if the video is to convince college programs that you can play at the "next level," keep it simple. Follow the lead of Coach McQuaide and keep it simple, but as Solon High School does, make the video itself very clear and watchable. Of course, always work through your coach.

By the way, Tres Barksdale will be one of the higher profile recruits in the Ohio 212class.

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