Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Players = Good Program

As I do sometimes just to get away, I visited The University of Cincinnati spring practice yesterday morning. A little nippy, but good football weather. After awhile I came across Ron Ullery and four of his players from Centerville High School. Class act!

Although I have watched Michael Bennett on video, this was the first time that I had met him up close and personal. Roughly 6'2 1/2 and 275, the guy is powerful. Has already put the shot 57 feet and the discus over 160 feet. The majority of plays that I watched, he was lining up on the OL. Of course, McCallister being McCallister, I believe he is the best 211- DL prospect in Ohio. Powerful, quick and tough.

Evaluated Kyle Rose(211) on video and also at the Ohio State Wrestling Championships last March. Now he is packing 235 and looking good at 6'3. Plays both DE and DT for the Hawks. Nice thing about Kyle is that he wants to gain weight the right way and maintain his quickness. Also nice, is the fact that at the next level he may have a choice to go inside or outside. Toughness and competitivess is a "given." Finished 2nd at the State in 215 class.

Tristan Boykin(211) will be overlooked by some recruiters. But he should not be. A multi-position guy. Plays RB, Slot, and some DB. At 6'0-190, he has speed and balance. Very athletic. Also has good ball catching skills. Too many skills, not to get strong evaluations from recruiters.

As I have been working on my 212 Class, I thought Benny McGowan(212) had moved from the district. But yesterday as I talked with him, I was reminded that he was hurt last year and missed the complete season. At 6'3-275, he just stands out. Could be a dominant player this year as a junior. Plays on DL, as well as, OL. Need to watch him "run-around," this summer, but he will be exciting. Big time potential.

Four guys that physically catch your eye. But better than that, they were first class to chat with. Excited and confident about the upcoming season. They were focused on what was happening on the field. They seemed to have the "it." Most of all, they represent Centerville well. Much the same as AJ does.

Of course, Coach Ullery has something to do with their character and self-discipline. "Old school" guy, but he still relates to his players. For me, he has been a "tough nut to crack," but we have developed a strong mutal respect. Watching him with his four players, you could see the mutal respect that they have for each other.

Of course, I know of many programs in the same mold as Centerville. I have wonderful relationships with many, many coaches. But it is nice to be reminded that Ohio High School football is the number sport, regardless of any level.

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