Monday, April 5, 2010

Combine a Success

The recent Ohio High School Football Coaches Developmental Combine was considered by many a success. That is, if you listen to the comments, or read the many emails that I have received. I am not into posting emails to prove how valuable our work is. But is nice to read positive comments, as well as constructive criticism.

We have some kinks to workout, but I believe that they are doable. The D1 Training Center is just that- an excellent training center. But due to the unexpected attendance, seating was limited. That needs to be addressed. With electronic timing, of course, many were worried about their times. One competitor was so frustrated that he questioned everything on his card, including his weight. Digital scales were used. At least the 40 yards was correct. No one ran into each other, although yours truly did collide with an L-Cone runner. There was more than enough help.

Also nice, but alittle crazy, was that although the registration was scheduled to begin at 10:00, there were many people in line at 9:00. That has already been addressed for next year.

Lastly, coaches do read the results. Much to my surprise, a coach from a major program in the Midwest called to verify some times and measurments.

All in all, things went well.

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