Sunday, March 14, 2010

MSROHIO Making Some Changes

Some of my college, as well as high school, coaching friends have "dogged" on me about the changes that I have been making to my scouting and evaluation program. Even my "adult kids" have fun with it. With that being said, my website is also undergoing some changes. There will be more to come.(hopefully) I have two guys here in Upper Sandusky who are now involved with just the website.

Another change. My sarcasm was starting to show in my blogs. Really, somewhat silly on my part. Although I taught alot about Mark Twain, I am not as good as he was. Anyway, no more sarcasm. The purpose of msrohio is not to vent my opinions thru sarcasm. Hopefully, msrohio will provide information and recruiting insight to players and parents. My thoughts on the recruiting process willbe evident, but in a professional way. Also at times, I like to recognize people whom I admire.

Another change. Eventually, I would to provide information to high school football coaches with what is happening with Ohio High School football. Not on the top shelf yet, but giving it some thought.

Lastly, I, honestly, do not know how to approach this issue. According to two guys in Columbus and one guy in Findlay, I was the subject of a sports message board(I guess that is the title) recently. I guess one sentence in the whole blog upset some people. I have talked with the internet media guy and corrected the situation. He and I do not always agree in philosophy, but he is out there busting his butt.

Some advice to young people that I always told my players. (1) If someone is talking about me as a coach, they are not talking about you. (2) When someone is critical of your play, before you get upset, consider the source. (3) Sometimes it is okay to walk away from a winless situation.(4)A poster on my wall read,"Sometimes Fame Costs too Much."

Take care. Baseball and track season are right around the corner.

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