Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Latwan Anderson

After Cleveland Glenville's Latwan Anderson, at the urging of the media, announced that he was going to attend West Virginia, rather than O-State, I wondered what the fallout would be from the Buckeye faithful. Tonight, after reading the free fan forum, as usual I was amused.

Anderson, athletically and speed wise is one of the top football players in the class of 2009. His natural instincts make it easy for him. He can jump, he can change direction, and he will "light you up." Honestly, I think that he is a better receiver than a corner. People are saying he is too short. Now the "dude"(like that?) had supposedly 23 offers. That is, according to Rivals. But who knows for sure?? Probably, since he is not choosing, all of the Buckeye recruiting people will not rate him high. But who cares!

Frankly, I would not, as the "Old Guard," really want to coach him. He is undisciplined and his own man. Needs an attitude change to a certain degree. If that changes, he can be a player. Now if you read what the fans say, he cannot play. I guess we have to go with that. HUMOR

Coach Ginn worked very hard to help with the growth of Anderson. Give him much credit for effort. Give him much credit for working with O-State. Give O-State credit. They worked to recruit him too. I mean the guy is a talent. But sometimes that is not enough.

I guess my point in this entry is that usually fans have little clue as to what goes on behind the scenes with regards to recruiting. If you are a young recruit, get used to it. People say things out of emotion rather than knowledge. Also, if you are a young recruit times have changed. Talent is not enough much of the time.

With the exception of some hurt pride of Ted Ginn, everything worked out for the best in the recruitment of Latwan Anderson. Many schools agree he can play college football. From what I know about the situation Ohio State is okay. West Virginia is okay. Latwan Anderson is okay. Hopefully, the sun will still comeout tomorrow.


doug rockhold said...

John for Ohio State fans it seems for some anyway bad news is good news.Their are a minority who love to bitch and moan.
No one outside a very select few understand Jim Tressel and his ways.Some like me are blind loyalist we believe JT knows best,yea we want more points and we want the Sharif Floyds but I also know that under JT we have had a pretty amazing run a run so darn good that even wins over Michigan are boring.
He has almost made it National Championship or the season is a failure.When the bar is that high then honestly almost every year is a failure.
But some fans just want what ever is hot new exciting I will take 18 more years like we just had except 2004.

Anonymous said...

Free boards are always bad. A lot of the subscription boards have been worried about off the field stuff with Anderson from his days at St. Eds. He is likely to end up signing with OSU, but I don't see that changing the feelings of worry toward this kid's character.