Monday, November 12, 2012

Excuses for a "Blogless Week."

      Actually some people have emailed me as to where my blog entries have been over the last week. Just need a minute to inform my readers of all that's happening at the farm. Things have been happening, but first, I must say that the blog is something that I do for fun. Gives me a way to vent and also a way to give my opinions.
      Last Thursday night my oldest son and his wife brought Cora Ellis McCallister into the world. Super healthy, but was not ready to make her entry into the world until she was ready. Cora had to be induced. Everything went well. First grand child. My second grandbaby is due January 20. My daughter is having a boy.
      My eleven month old labrador had her tubes removed last Wednesday morning. Picked her up from the vet on Friday morning. All is well. Things were going well, until I saw a big black dog near my property. I had the talk with Hunter about planned parenthood, but she did not understand. Had to have the surgery done.
      Last week I was able to get all of my mailings to the Ohio High School football coaches mailed out. These are reference sheets where they provide communication/personal information on their college prospects. Since I am poor and a micro manager, I do all the work myself. My printer lives in Findlay. Three trips were required. Colleges pay for that information.
     Also used some good weather days to get all of my outside work done in preparation for winter. Live on four acres and much had to be done.
     For some reason my weekly evaluations to the colleges took longer to do than usual last week. This weeks are done and emailed to the colleges.
     As I always told my students, excuses are like noses, everybody has one. Those are some of my excuses for being "blogless" for a week.
     Looking forward to writing tonight.

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