Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ohio Prep Football Time

High school football season began on Monday. What can I say, it is the most funtime of the year for me. With conditioning, combines, camps, and 7on7's, it seems like football year-round. But football time is real now.

Possible good news for Strongsville football. One of my top o-line prospects in Ohio tore his ACL last spring in a pick-up basketball game. David Kaminski, as 6'4-270 OL guy is beginning to jog now. Hopefully, he will be back by game 4. He weighed 215 as as a freshman, but now is up to 270. Long and can run. Excellent feet and like the way he bends. My kind of lineman. Slender and gaining weight the right way. Excellent potential.

Had a chance to watch Braxton Miller in some 7on7 games last week. He does everything with his arm. Tremendous arm strength, but needs to work on some finer points. Needs to follow through. Needs to work on weight balance. Needs to improve footwork. Once he improves technique, "watch out." He could be a "special QB" at Ohio State. He is a passer, not a thrower who can run. Very coachable. Of course. Devin Smith(WR -Massillon) could make life easier for Braxton. Tremendous ball skills. Better after the catch. Devin also has a chance to be special at Ohio State.

Alot of recruiting analyst(whatever that means) spend much of their time following the "no brainers." Most of the time that is easy. Saw a QB last week in 7on7 games whom I really like. Probably not a 5 Star or even a 1 Star now, because Rivals does not know about him. Tall 6'4-225 QB (Class of 210). Quick release. Strong arm. Good feet. Like his QB presence. Only his third year of playing quarterback. Led Leipsic to a 10-2 record on the D6 level. Looking forward to seeing him this fall.

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