Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day for Scrimmages

Today was the first day for high school teams to play against a different colored jersey. For you that know me, you must realize I go to evaluate talent. Very rarely do I have time to analyze an offense or defense. My early travels took me to Ohio Wesleyan to watch Big Walnut, Dublin Scioto, and Buckeye Valley.

Buckeye Valley is small in numbers, but played with enthusiasm and intensity. The player who caught my eye for them was Juston Koss(212). Plays DE/RB. Probably 6'1-195. Plays hard and is intense. Needs to work on his feet/quickness. Frame to get bigger/ stronger. Will need to keep working, but has a chance.

Big Walnut has a 212-DT who caught my eye. Saw Jason Griffth at the OSU camp this past summer. Just over 6 feet, but strong and powerful. Probably weighs 250. Needs to improve balance and quickness. Could be a 3 technique. Needs to play harder at times. Like his potential, but will have to work on agility.

Dublin Scioto has two young players whom I really like. William Huston(213)is a guy getting his first varsity competition. About 5'11, but weighs about 215. Solid speed. Excellent vision. Tough inside runner who reads well. Has alittle burst, but will get faster. Told him that he has to play with much, much more intensity. Only a sophomore, but has a ton of potential. Grant Noppenberger(212) is a 3 technique guy. Only 6'1, but packs about 250. Played center, as well as some DT. Good base. Intelligent. Tough. Heighth will determine what side of ball he plays. Scioto has a quick, short playmaker who is only a 214 guy. Well be exciting in the years ahead.

This is kind of a sample of what I send to colleges during the season. On this blog I have omitted seniors. My concentration is mostly on underclassmen.

Going to watch Kenton, Olentangy, Marion Franklin, and Lancaster tonight. More players to evaluate.

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Matthew said...

Looking forward to reading your comments on the scrimmage at Olentangy.