Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The "Old Guard" are Retiring

Football coaches just seem to know the timing to retire or resign. Lou Holtz once said, "if you can walk way and not miss it, then the decision was the correct one." Some of my long time friends have been announcing their retirements the last few days. With the chatrooms and the unaccountable ways idiots make comments, I sometimes wonder why more head coaches do not contemplate retirement.

Bob Ramsay, Dalton High School, has spent 35 years in the business. I coached football and track against Bob, when he was an assistant at Orrville and I was at West Holmes.(God's country). He went to Dalton as head football coach and stayed for 29 years. Excellent football coach, but a better coach at working with young people. We see each other at clinics and camps, and, of course, always chit-chat. Now he has put on some weight, but other than that, same old Bob. Led his school to seven league championships in the always tough Wayne County League. Remember two things as you drive SR30 thru Dalton: Bob Ramsey and the cop that sits at Wendy's.

Greg Bailey, Lakota East High School, is stepping down. We go way back to his Fredericktown days. Tremendous individual. Excellent football coach. For some reason "fast horses" gives one a chance to be a good head football coach. Greg always was honest in his player evaluations. Moreso, he was always promoting his players and trying to do the best for them.

Some more of my old coaching "boys" are making retirement plans and will be announcing soon. Retirement is not the worst "gig" in the world. From first hand experience, life is short. Play hard and take time to smell the roses.

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