Monday, June 1, 2009

A Sleeper in Lakeview

The excitement of the Ohio High School Track Championships begins in earnest this Friday at the Jesse Owens. For me, a tremendous day to scout football players performing on the track. A time for me to see college football prospects in a different light. I really learn alot about them. A plus is that you can see classes 212-209.

One player who has truly amazed me over the years on both the football field and the track is Ben Moody from Lakeview HS in Northeast Ohio. Watched him compete as a sophomore. Coming into his final state championships, Ben will run the 110's(13.8), come right back and run the 100 meters(10.89), and later anchor the 4X100(42.95). He also will compete in the long jump(21'8). Four events and, regardless of divison, this is a big accomplishment.

For some reason not one 1A football school would take a chance on Ben and offer him a scholarship. No knock on Cornell(where he is going), but put Ben at wide out and coach him up. He is almost 6'3 for heavens sake. Obvously, he has excellent grades. Three years from now, college coaches will be saying, " Boy, we missed that one." I donot know the whole story on his recruiting, but I can guess part of the reason.

If you get a chance, watch the big school boy's shot put and discus competition. 210 class, Cody Riffle, Toledo St Johns is amazing. At 6'1-215, he comes into the championships with a 64 foot SP and 188 discus throw. Love his attitude. Tough guy who can run. No offers yet, because schools need at camp to see him run. This, to some extent, really surprises me.

Offers???? This is starting to be one of the biggest "whatevers" around. Honestly, recruiting continues to get crazier every year. More on that subject at a later date.

Get to the state meet on Friday. That way you can see all of the contestants.

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