Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ohio Underclassmen Combine

Last Saturday, June 20, Dublin Coffman was all high school football. Some 52 teams were playing in the State 7on7 Championships. Over 30 teams (minimum of 5 players each) were involved in the State's Lineman's Challenge. Along with those contests, I held my first ever Ohio Underclassmen Combine. Also, Ohio State was hosting their three day football camp.

Some of the players having good days.
Zach Myers - Miamisburg- A 212 Class OL who will who started a LT last fall. He will have to improve speed, but really liked the way he bends and moves his feet. 6'4 and weighed 241. Potential to be very good.
Antonio Underwood - Shaker Heights- Another very sound 212 Class OL. 6'2-288 but really good balance. Ran 5.25/40. and 4.8 pro shuttle. Started at LT last year.
Kevin Williams - Springfield(Toledo) - Just over 6'1 and weighed 265. Long jumped 8'1. Pro shuttle was 4.6. Really like his explosion and strength. This 212 Class DL started at Toledo Central Catholic last year.
Devin Jarrett - Hamilton - One of the better RB's in the Class of 212. Just under 5'9, but weighed 206. Needs to work on true 40 speed, but ran 4.3 pro shuttle. With 32 inch vertical. Very strong and powerful.
Chaz Veal - Hamilton - Another Veal at Hamilton. 5'11 and 160. Ran 4.3 pro shuttle. All 3 vertical attempts were 31+ inches. The frame to get much faster.
David Fulcher - Mason - Coming into his own as a RB. Measured 5'11 and 185. Also playing in 7on7 competition, he ran 4.6/40 and 4.3 shuttle. Verticled 32.5, with a 9'0 LJ. Explosive, tough and worked very hard.
Anthony Kukwa - Perry(NE) - Really was a surprise for me. Measured 6'3- 197. Vertical 31.5 and jumped 9'3. Also 4.5 shuttle twice. Really like his quickness. Long and has frame to add weight. Could be a linebacker.
Tyler Downing - Fairmont - Another surprise. Ran 4.6/40 and 4.4 shuttle. Like his work ethic.

Overall, I was very pleased with the combine. We spent much time instructing how to run each test. Hats off to former OSU player, Gary Berry, a tremendous teacher.

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