Monday, March 16, 2009

Proday at Ohio State

Last Friday, Coach Tressel once again gave me credentials for the Ohio State Proday. Although this was my fourth year at to attend, it never gets old. I could bore you with times and the "who's who," but you can find that in the local media. What continues to amaze me is the amount of first class football players who come out of Ohio State.

Talked with AJ Hawk for about 10 minutes. As long as I have known him, I have always kidded him about his being 6 feet tall. He may be, but he is not close to 6'1. He is moving more inside next season. He really likes James's chances to go high. I believe James L will have to covered, but so do most of the lb's in the NFL.

Todd Beckman- always first class. He said before the workout that this was his BIG and BEST chance. Donot know what the evaluators thought, but I thought that he did well. He is a pro passer.

Chris Welles, as you know, blew them away. Always smiling, he has time for everybody. I have known him since his sophomore year at Akron Garfield. Tremendous kid. My hope is that somebody finally shows him some "tough love," and that he becomes just nasty. Wished him luck.

Kirk Barton is now with the Bengals. Has bounced around alittle. Hopefully all of the injuries are healed, and he has increased his flexibilty.. Also believe he has matured as a proplayer.

Michael Doss stopped to say,"hi." He is working with the Bengals. After excellent years with the Colts and then getting injured, he seems to be all healed and good shape.

My point to this entry is that character matters. Of course, with the idiots that believe the National Championship is the only thing, you just have to smile, because they are in another world. Ohio State football is class, and it all begins with the coaching staff.

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