Sunday, March 8, 2009

Highlight video

I have heard enough comments about the vacant blog that I have promised myself to make blogging an important part of my work. You see, scouting and evaluating talent is what it is all about. Rating prospects as to a top "whatever," is not one of my priorities. Rating the best by position is something I do for my colleges, but seldom do for the public. Websites are much better for that kind of information.

Also last week I finished my "Ohio Top 100" DVD sets for my colleges. Actually, there were 116 prospects on video. The Ohio Prospect Directory is finished and being mailed. This year there were almost 700 prospects in the directory. Hopefully, we are promoting "kids" the right way.

About highlight videos. More and more, I am finally believing in the importance of them. However, donot make time , as much of an issue as quality. For colleges, you donot need (1) music and flashing lights, (2) a company's name on every play, or (3)overskill on stats and contact information. This is fun for internet sites. All colleges want are very clear video with a marker as to where you are on the video. This does not have to be on every play. Maybe the first 6or7. Limit your number of plays. 25 plays is really the max.

After making the highlight video, be sure to have one or two game videos that show you at your best. Hopefully, colleges will not offer you a verbal just off your highlight tape. This happens, but it should not. A player in Northeast Ohio has received some "big school" offers and those colleges could not have watched full game video. So, yes, it does happen.

The two best RB's in Ohio next year. Erick Howard(NC Hoover) strong, tough, vision, and durable. Andre Givens(Hubbard) strong, fast, and makes you miss. I will finish this list and give my uneducated guesses on other positions over the next few weeks.

Yea, Ohio high school football.

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