Friday, April 25, 2014

Moeller QB's and a Trip to Cincinnati

        First trip to the Cincinnati area, yesterday. My goal was to be at Moeller High to watch quarterbacks, Matt Crable (2015) and Thomas Macvittie (2016), throw after school. On the way, I made stops at Lakota West, Fairfield, Princeton, Winton Woods, Colerain, LaSalle, Elder, and Moeller. Would have stopped at St Xavier, but they are on spring break. Will make that trip in two weeks to also stop at Anderson, Loveland, CHCA, and some others. When you have been in this busy as long as I have, trust and are important.
       Last night was only the second time the Moeller QB's have thrown outside, but I really like both. Junior, Matt Crable, gets the ball out quickly. Good feet. Like his delivery. Gets his hips involved.
Sophomore, Thomas Macvittie, is a little more mechanical, but throws a good ball. Listed 6'4 and has run a 4.5/40. Like his release point and quick release. Stands tall. Both QB's have the "QB swagger," that I feel is really important. They both handle themselves well.
      Tight end Jake Hausman (2016) was impressive last year as both a pass catcher and blocker at TE. Listed 6'5-245. May not be quite that size, but has frame to add much good weight. Made some catches last night that were impressive. To me, he has natural pass catcher hands. For me, the best TE in the Class of 2016.
      Former TE Ryan Smith (2016) has found a home at DE. Listed 6'5-245. Really ran well. Good balance. Most impressive - Ryan may someday get big enough to move inside. Toughness is a strength. For me, potential to be a top inside guy is there. Will be a high recruit.
      Another sophomore that I like is LB John Griga. Listed 6'2-210. Really like his feet and quickness. Need to see him in pads, but like his LB mentality. One to watch for sure.
       Although he did not run, because of a leg problem, I also met Jacob Gall, a freshman OL/DL who measures 6'2-305, and definitely passes the eye ball test. Like to see him at 295, but he carries his weight well. Strong upper body. One of two freshman to ever play varsity for Moeller. Brother of Jacob Gall, now at University of Miami.
       Of course, I have to mention DL Elijah Taylor (2015) who continues to physically develop into one of the top DL guys in Ohio. Listed 6'3-280, he moves well. Like his balance and quickness. Last fall, I thought he did not realize how good he could be. He seems to be "getting it " now. Of course, no pads, yesterday, but I really like his potential to be really good.
       Just missed LaSalle's workout, but did see QB Nick Watson throw some balls. Liked his last year as a sophomore. Now he is squeezing 6'1. Gets ball out quickly. Can throw deep ball. Also like his ability to escape and run.
       Also at LaSalle I had a chance to formally meet Jordan Thompson. Listed 6'2-250. Colleges like his ability to run around and make plays. I like his toughness and athleticism. Excellent burst. Seems like a really good character guy.
       Maybe the early top 2016 QB prospect in Cincinnati is Coach Doug Ramsey's son Peyton. Listed 6'2+, he started every game as a sophomore. Works out on odd days, but I have seen enough to really like his potential. Although his arm is good, his decision making and leadership are excellent.
       Another sophomore QB in the Cincy area is Hunter Krause. Listed 6'3, Hunter threw at the MSROHIO combine in March. Like his throwing tech. Smart. Just needs to mature physically and get stronger. Of course that will happen. Also son of a coach.
       The trip to Cincinnati was profitable for me. Anytime I can visit with coaches and build relationships, the time is well spent. Coaches are giving me names of really top eighth graders to watch. Of course, I will not make them public, but it starts my list.
      College coaches ask me all of the time, "Have you seen --- yet?"  Anytime I can see players workout, or play another sport, or really just "eyeball" them is huge for me.

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