Monday, February 20, 2012


Around Christmas time, my daughter and I were chatting about her building me a new website. I liked what I have now and the builder did an excellent job, but the thought of getting family more involved in the McCallister Scouting Report was appealing to me. During the month of January, Kristy put together a new looking website for MSROHIO. The information is pretty much the same, but the look is really different. We are going to change some column names, but everything else is much the same with regards to content.

I finished the Directory for college coaches. This year I have two separate Directories. One for just the Ohio Class of 2013 called The Ohio Prospects Directory. The other Directory is called The Ohio Prospects Super Directory and covers the Ohio Classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015. To date, over 819 prospects are included.

Also, I have been busy watching video. Speaking of video, the new sight will also include the "Vault." Still a work in progress, but it will be much the same format as the old one. The webmaster did a tremendous job putting the "vault" together for me. The "vault" will not be up and running this week.

Hope that you enjoy the new site. Like I said earlier, the new site is much similar to the last one. If things go well, we will make the switch this week.

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