Monday, May 10, 2010

College Recruiting Nights

College recruiting nights, for me, were a chance to "kill two birds with one stone." When I began to do evaluations and really get into the college scouting business, college recruiting nights were big for me. You see, I got information from the high school coaches about their prospects. Along with this, I got to know both the college and high school coaches. We are talking from Cleveland to Central Ohio to Toledo to Dayton to Cincinnati to Summit and Stark Counties. Twice a year.

Now the NCAA has once again shown its wisdom. No longer can D-1 college coaches attend. Especially in the spring, this does not make sense. In the spring high coaches have a chance to really promote their younger classes. Plus the college coaches can loosen up some and enjoy talking to friends and foes among the college staffs. The D2 and D3 schools have a field day, which is good. No slight to the lower division schools intended, because many of them get my "stuff." For selfish reasons, I like to have D1 schools in attendance.

Regardless, I have three more to visit. Tomorrow is Summit County. Obviously, I am excited about going because you always get something out of it. Plus Dan and Gerry will be taking my money, and it is always good to see them.

Point for both parents and coaches. Update your contact information. Try to provide some video. Most importantly, coaches, if you cannot be there, have someone represent your school.

Finally, promoting our players the "right way" gets harder and harder every day. Now the NCAA has limited another way to help kids. My fear if that the OHSAA is trying to emulate the NCAA. Sadly, but is all about the money.

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