Monday, December 15, 2008

College recruiting nights

Hopefully college recruiting nights for the winter are over and now, I can settle into the office and compile information and evaluate video from prospects across the state. However, today I want to take a minute and emphasize the importance of college recruiting nights in Ohio.

First, a college recruiting night is a night set aside where both the high school coach and the college recruiter exchange information. Not only college programs from Ohio, but also schools from across the country attend. Usually, and, hopefully, high school coaches have handouts listing their senior prospects, which include all of their personal infro, as well as, their stats. Some coaches also list underclassmen, which is really beneficial to me. College reruiters in turn provide their business card, or arrange for a visit to the high school.

Cleveland, Cincinnati, and central Ohio, because of the larger number of schools, have excellent response. The Toledo area is growing. Both Summit County and Stark County are well represented and response from college coaches is good. The Youngstown area does alittle different, in that they also include a lunch. The Mansfield area also provides a night to share information. Just this year, I attended my first one with the Lorain area coaches. The Valley also provides a meal with their recruiting night. Some sites charge a fee, but others are free. Obviously, these nights are not open to the general public.

The time factor for the high school coach to get all of the information on paper and ready to give to the college coaches is short. But, anytime that a coach can promote his players, rather than counting on the internet is really important. These nights, although work is involved, are really important to your prospects. The old days of getting the information out in February are over. As a scout, it is also tough for me, but very beneficial to me, and the bad news is that it is only get earlier and earlier.

Recruiting nights are also held in the spring, usually the first of May. All areas use their winter format. For the benefit of your underclassmen, please try to attend. Let's work together and promote kids the best way.

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